In January of 2017, I announced my separation from my wife and business partner, Lani DIane Rich. What began as a sad but amicable separation led to divorce; it also led, over the course of the last eighteen months, to a slew of accusations and a developing narrative about my history, character and actions.

As I have admitted, I had an emotional affair with another woman in the closing days of our marriage. I fiercely regret that deceit, and the circumstances of our separation. Lani deserved better, and I am sorry.

I am not an abuser. I am not a serial liar, a narcissist or a sociopath. I am not any of the other things that Lani has called me, in public and in private, over the course of the last year and a half. The truth of our marriage was, as the truth always is, more complicated and human than that.

I am retiring from podcasting, effective immediately. Podcasting about stories and storytelling over the last eight years — producing more than one thousand podcast episodes — has been the greatest and most rewarding work that I can imagine, but my presence here has caused enormous harm and hurt to a community that I played a part in founding, and still love very much.

I will, going forward, remove myself from online spaces, focus on a new job, on meeting my obligations, on doing good in the world, and healing. I have many regrets, and I am deeply sorry for the harm I have caused, and for the mistakes I have made. I do not want anyone to speak in my defence, or to add further fuel to the fire.

One last thing: I always believed in the importance and the power of the work Lani and I began together. Many of the podcasts produced at StoryWonk, now outside of my ownership, have been deleted. You can find an archive of the episodes I’ve been able to recover and preserve on either Amazon Drive or Dropbox. I will also preserve the podcasts from Point North Media, and make that archive available.

It has been an honor to discuss stories and storytelling with some of the greatest people I have ever known. I count myself as enormously fortunate to have been the recipient of so much enthusiasm, support, brilliance and grace.

Thank you all for everything. Be kind to each other.