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Patron Special Offer: The Globe’s Bard

It is sometimes suspected that the enthusiasm for Shakespeare’s works shown by some students is a fiction or a fashion. It is not so. The justification of that enthusiastic admiration is in the fact that every increase of knowledge and deepening of wisdom in the critic or the student do but show still greater knowledge and deeper wisdom in the great poet. When, too, it is found that his judgment is equal to his genius, and that his industry is on a par with his inspiration, it becomes impossible to wonder or to admire too much.

– George Dawson

It may well be said that William Shakespeare needs no introduction: a genius with the written word, a poet of unrivaled skill and influence, the most-performed playwright in history, an inventor of words and phrases which changed the shape of our shared language, a master of the human condition, and much more besides. Shakespeare has been studied and celebrated for four hundred years, but the extent of his talent and genius is still being discovered.

In The Globe’s Bard: The Life And Work Of William Shakespeare, I’ll break down the biography, work and influence of the world’s greatest playwright and poet.

  • Week One: The life and history of William Shakespeare, context for our further discussions, and studies of his poetry.
    Texts: Venus And Adonis, and a selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets
  • Week Two: Shakespeare’s Histories.
    Texts: Richard III
  • Week Three: Shakespeare’s Comedies.
    Texts: Much Ado About Nothing
  • Week Four: Shakespeare’s Tragedies.
    Texts: Othello

Each session of this class will take place on Friday evenings in July, beginning on July 7th at 10PM Eastern/9PM Central. Each two-hour live session will be available after the fact in a downloadable packet, along with notes and a transcript of the key points. Those files are DRM free, and you’ll be able to keep them, watch or listen to them as often as you like, and copy them to any computer or device that you own.

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