Black Panther!?!?

No spoilers for those friends who haven't seen it yet, but my goodness that movie was amazing. 

I didn't realize that the "weapons engineer" role in a superhero movie was a strongly male trope until I saw this movie and was so incredibly excited to see Shuri in that role. Smart, athletic and strong in absolutely every way. Incredibly inspiring! 

Overall, the only downside was Watson with an American accent. It wasn't even a particularly bad accent, he's just so, SO British that it's hard to hear that voice come out of his mouth. 

Otherwise, this movie was perfection. 


  • Kendall, I completely agree! I talked about it on the Excelsior podcast with Sarah Cade Pezant and Vinton Bayne, if you want to hear some of my enthusiasm!
  • It was such a good episode!!! I’m very excited to see this movie!
  • Finally saw the movie. Very different, in a good way. Though apparently I have a lower tolerance for more realistic violence than most people. Those challenges! 

    Alao curious did anyone see it in 3D? Worth it?

    Excited to listen to Excelsior and Vinton’s VHS on this one.
  • Though I enjoyed Ragnarok more because I knew the characters better, I thought that Black Panther was the best MCU movie ever: story, visuals, and incredible acting. (Anyone else have a split opinion?)
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