Hogwarts Bags of Holding

In a recent episode, Alastair mentioned that he thought we never get any indication that Hogwarts students carry around bags of, e.g., books. However, I think we do get multiple indications of such.

In Chamber of Secrets, I believe Harry's bag rips, causing the contents, including Tom Riddle's diary, to spill out in the hallway. At that moment, Harry discovers that the diary appears impervious to all the spilled ink in his bag, which gives him an idea about how to engage Tom Riddle. I believe that's also the moment at which Ginny discovers that Harry has the diary.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, I believe there are multiple references to Hermione's bag nearly bursting at the seams due to being stuffed with so many books.

It's possible I'm misremembering - what the rest of you think?


  • Yeah, Alastair was just wrong about that one.  There is going to be another reference soon, when Harry uses a spell to tear Cedric's bag a as a ploy to chat with him one on one.  Hogwarts students clearly carry bags. Doesn't mean they don't have big robe-y pockets though. 
  • Big robe-y pockets sound pretty useful - maybe we can start a trend for them here in the Muggle world!
  • I'm glad you posted this because I remembered the same scenes involving book bags. Though I have wondered about the pockets in robes--how do their wands not fall out of them? I think it would be cool if the robes' pockets were like Mary Poppins' bag (or minor spoiler--one Hermione has later).
  • Yeah I agree that Alistair was misremembering on that one. There’s also the line about Hermione’s posture at the Yule Ball being so different possibly because she was no longer carrying around a ton of books. Also many lines about packing up their school things into their bags at the end of various classes I’m pretty sure. 
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