Two Point North-ish-related podcast episode recs: Gaiman and Gabaldon

Northpointers and @Alastair : Two podcast episodes in the last week may be of special interest to Point North followers.

1. Last week's episode of Melvyn Bragg's "In Our Time" was on the Highland Clearances and it was particularly good and informative – great context for the later phases of the Outlander series. I learned a lot I didn't know, especially about the way clan structures were transferred to the New World. The episode is particularly good about the way mythologies around the Clearances were formed in the context of the politics of later eras. Listen or download here.

2. Slate's "Working" podcast's most recent interview is with Neil Gaiman! Almost a full hour of Gaiman goodness. "In this episode, we were joined by the writer Neil Gaiman, who led us through his career from his early days in journalism to the composition of his recent book, Norse Mythology. He discusses the way that his writing process has changed over the years, how his reading informs his creative output, and the kinds of environments that are most conducive to a productive day. Along the way, he describes his favorite fountain pens and talks about his recent stint as showrunner on the forthcoming Good Omens TV series." Listen here.



  • I second @Carin's no. 1, about Melvyn Bragg's "In Our Time: History" podcast on the Highland Clearances. (All of Bragg's podcasts, including "IOT: Science" and "IOT: Philosophy," are top notch.)
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