Hi, I'm David!

Hi all, my name is David Hoffman. I live in California and listen to all the podcasts on Point North and Common Room Radio. Came into all of this by one random day finding Story and Star Wars in my podcatcher and from there on I was in. Been to a couple of live sessions, but life too often gets in the way. Signed up for the forum the first time I heard it announced, but was too nervous to jump in because you guys are all so brilliant :P. Anyways, favorite book is the Silmarillion, both my wife and I are Ravenclaws, my favorite SW character is (I know, no longer canon) Revan, favorite MCU movie is Black Panther, and I absolutely love games - whether video or board. I was a youth pastor for ten years, and this last year I became a teacher and have been teaching Computer Science. 

Sorry, this is long and rambly. This community has meant a lot to me, even though I haven't been an active member. Listening to the podcasts and reading stuff on the forums has spoken to my heart and soul in ways that I am eternally grateful for. It's fantastic to have a place where stuff I love is discussed in deep, passionate, and critical, but kind, ways. Anyways...hi, I'm David.


  • Hi David! What setting do you teach in?

    My approach to SW now is that the SW books are canon, and the new movies are a parallel universe that is also true. It's much less careless of what was built and written and invested in than simply rebooting like Star Trek or sweeping it all away as worthless/too complicated like they did for SW.
  • Hi Hanna!

    I teach at a small private Christian school in Sun Valley called Village Christian. This year I taught AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, Project Lead The Way's Automation and Robotics, Project Lead The Way's Design and Modeling, and a Seminar class on basic app design using code.org's AppLab.

    LoL I love your idea. that's a lot of fun. I just absolutely fell in love with all the Old Republic stuff, and was so sad when it became a "Legend" :P
  • Hi David! Welcome!

    I found this group through Story and Star Wars as well. Feel free to jump in on any of the threads or add your own. New voices always welcome. I didn’t really get into much of the Legends...I read it some as a teen, but never went back to the them. Not a big into reading about space battles, I prefer my space operas on film or tv (Star Trek TNG).

    I’m a former teacher (English) and work in assessment/education tech. My husband’s a programmer so pretty familiar with the field and he had some wonderful profs that lead him
    into it. I had the opportunity to take robotics and C in HS, but didn’t know much about it so I turned it down. I hope your program works with getting girls actively to try those classes!

    hope to see you aroUnd the forums!
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    Hi David,

    More importantly, you're the only person that I know other than myself who enjoys The Silmarillion more than The Lord of the Rings! Why do you? For me, it's the grandeur of the language and time scale.

    Less importantly, I took AP Computer Science (albeit so long ago that I used an abacus), I teach Symbolic Logic, and when my wife was a database developer we used to check each other's code and logic proofs, respectively.

  • Hello @Alstorian /David!!! So good to have you here! 
  • Hi Becca!

    I love the fact that there are a ton of stories, all even more epic and beautiful than LotR in one book. I love the grandeur and the language also! There's just...SOOO MUCH!!

    Sounds like a match made in heaven!
  • @Alstorian The only thing that I wish that The Silmarillion had more of were details from the later First Age, particularly from Dior's birth to Eärendil's voyage, and from the Second Age, besides those directly concerning Numenor.
  • I would LOVE more second age!
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