Episode 9 speculations (TFA/TLJ Spoilers)

One of my favorite YouTubers posted a video asking if Kylo would live or die and I thought it might be an interesting question to post to the forums.

I think it really has two components? Is Kylo redeemable and will he live?

The redeemable part seems obviously challenging. He committed patricide. Killed Lor Santekka. Ordered an entire village to be wiped out. And who knows what else. But compared to Anakin, it is still possible. Besides TFA and TLJ at least paint him to be a sympathetic villain. The novelization also adds some detailed that made me really look at him differently (willing to stop the middle heading for Leia’s ship was he biggest one).

And then the question of whether Kylo will live or die is very interesting as well. If he does die, I am having trouble imagining Rey to make the final blow. Luke couldn’t kill Vader. Obi-Wan couldn’t strike down Anakin. If she does do it, it might be because she has no choice. It might be because it is the only way to bring some lasting balance (maybe something with the prequel prophecy). Or maybe Kylo sacrifices himself or someone else kills him. 

If if he lives, I don’t really buy him being redeemed and getting a happy ending, but if that’s how they tell it...Alternately, what if he lives and doesn’t have Jedi Powers (kind of like the Legends stuff) or in the vein of the Princess Bride (think Humperdink), where he is so disabled that he can’t literally cause any harm 

What do you all think? Any other thoughts on ep 9 plots?

Also, here’s the link to the Thor Skywalker video that got me thinking:


  • One of the many things about Ep8 that I loved was how it opened up the narrative. We are no longer stuck only on a Skywalker story. Nor do we any longer have a template for what will happen. As we move into the third movie of the trilogy, it would be as if Vader had killed the Emperor in Ep2 or Ep5, each time taking his place before the third movie. The apprentice became the master half-way through the story arc! Where do we go from here?

    Though this doesn't directly answer your question, Luke says to Kylo: "Strike me down and I will always be with you." Contrary to Mark Hamill's recent comments, this makes me think that whatever happens to Kylo, Luke will be with him in Ep9 as a Force ghost. Perhaps Luke will serve as his conscience. I hope that Luke fails actually--I don't want Kylo to be redeemed--but it would be fascinating for a Force ghost to be unwelcome.

    On Kylo's fate, perhaps I was too impressed with the end of Rebels. But I like the idea of Kylo defeated but surviving as a Dark side discipline. He could scurry away with his tail, or saber, between his legs. Canon has already established that there are many Force sensitives besides Jedi and Sith/Snoke-disciplines. Maybe Kylo falls into the galactic background, a needle in a Force-sensitive haystack. Or maybe not!

    I'm even less sure about Finn/Rose, Poe, and even Rey. Do they go off and create a New New Republic? I'm betting not. But they have to do something.  Yeah, wow, it's a wide-open (narrative) galaxy out there.
  • I'm still hoping for him to be redeemed. In TLJ when he and Rey turned back to back and started fighting together... my heart leaped with joy! (much to my surprise actually) I thought I wanted to hate him, but I am kind of pulling for him to find redemption, even if it means he dies.
  • @GaalDornick oh, you’re idea about an unwelcome force ghost sounds fun. And so true about it being possible to have force sensitives ala Rebels.

    @ArtKBookworm I totally was thrilled to see K/R fighting against Snoke. You know the story had presented a sympathetic villain when we were rooting for the the guy who killed Han Solo. If they somehow brought Snoke back or elevated another villain (Hux?) to have K/R unite once again it would be unexpected.

    @GaalDornick I like Finn. The fact that he is a storm trooper who turned seems interesting to me, but I agree about Rose/Poe. I like those characters but they seem like they’ll probably be lost in favor of more K/R screen time or some random equivalent to the rathers/fathiers/pod races:

    At this point, I’m willing to buy in on most things if it is told well. That’s the trick isn’t it. Star Wars has a certain feeling and I hope JJ’s story speaks to while wrapping up the entire episodic saga. I am glad I’m not directing. Too much pressure :).
  • @SailorMelissa I like Finn too; I'm thinking that his story may no longer be separate from Rose's. She  professed her love and kiss him. Poe obviously becomes the resistance commander. So presumably his goal is to Destroy The First Order. If he succeeds, though, then what? I'm also thinking that others will join the fight. The final scene with the Force-sensitive stable boy suggests as much. I just don't know how it'll play out: with Kylo, the First Order, or any of it, really. (And I think that that's a good thing!)
  • I love the ending of the film, seeing the little boy using the force, and being inspired by the stories of the Jedi... it was a brief, wonderful moment, and a perfect reminder that heroes come from many sources, not just one particular family line. But I love that the Skywalkers and other Greats inspire others to greatness.
  • @ArtKBookworm did you think that the Shooting Star that the Jedi boy was watching was supposed to represent anything in particular? A starship, Luke’s spirit, hope in general?
  • @SailorMelissa I fully expect Kylo to die in Episode IX.  Either he remains the villain and needs to die to resolve the plot conflict, or he redeems himself and needs to die to complete his redemption. 

    Keeping Kylo alive after all the things he's done would be an unresolution.
  • @Wolf_Named_Oz if Kylo remains the villain, would you expect Rey to kill him? The reason I ask is because we have not yet seen that in the Saga with Obi-Wan or Luke.
  • @SailorMelissa I definitely don't think Rey will kill him.  It could go down in a bunch of ways, but I think the most likely one is that Kylo causes his own death.  If he's a hero, it'll be a self-sacrifice; if he's a villain it could be unintentional, or it could be suicide via unwinnable battle.
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