Book/media recommendations that being you peace/comfort

Thanks to the wonderful @BeccaEller for suggesting this topic during the patreon Q&A:

What are the texts/media that give you hope or peace? (Becca calls it soul lotion)


  • - Gail Tsukiyama, The Samurai’s Garden : Life in 1930’s Japan/Honk Kong during the Sino-Japan War. The metaphor of gardening bringing renewal runs deep as the main character heals both body and mind. Mood: Thoughtful & relaxed

    - Ruben Blades, Tiempos (1999). This album is Jazz and classical and salsa all rolled into one. Mood: Focus & unwind, especially during a hectic work day.

    - audiobooks: Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale or Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden. Both have wonderful narrators and are about myth/story. Mood: Gothic 

  • This is such a good thread idea! More will come to me, but I definitely have a couple a continuously expanding :

    • Calvin & Hobbes is the greatest comic strip in history. It's riotous and joyous and melancholy and nostalgic and imaginative and philosophical. It is timeless and I lack the objectivity to describe it as anything short of perfect. Reading it feels like wrapping myself in a warm blanket.
    • The Chronicles of Narnia. These are the first stories I ever remember my mom reading to me as a kid, and are arguably what got me hooked on fantasy & genre fiction in the first place. I often return to Lewis's more adult work when I'm in search of spiritual comfort, but none of it quite feels as much like home as Narnia does.
    • The Lord of the Rings. Obvious for so many reasons, but the constant refrain of hope in the face of despair and joy through sorrow is still powerful with every reread.
    • Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. It comes to a similar place as Lewis in my personal library, in that it's an everyman's journey to understanding God and spirituality. There are some truly beautiful passages, and the entire book is touchingly and remarkably human. The follow-up, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, touches on a lot of the same ideas and explores why human beings tell each other stories.
    • Harry Potter. Just...Harry Potter, you guys.

    • The Lord of the Rings trilogy, for the same reasons as the above.
    • Star Wars. In this sense at least I am basically Ted Mosby.


    • Parks and Recreation is the most joyous, positive, charming show in all of television history.
    • The Good Place hits a weird but wonderful midpoint between Parks and the religious stuff I mentioned in the Book section. This is SUCH a good show, you guys, and I really can't say more without spoilers but it is both hilarious and deeply introspective and everyone needs to watch it.
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine fills the Parks-shaped hole in my life. If you guys are noticing a trend here, Mike Schur is the only television producer who matters.
    • How I Met Your Mother, but only if you disregard the series finale entirely because it's 2018 and I'm still mad about that.

    • Jimmy Buffett. No, seriously.
    • Anything that's semi-contemporary folk/rock: Mumford & Sons, Noah Gundersen, The Lumineers, The Civil Wars, The Head & the Heart...

    Video Games

    • The Mass Effect trilogy is the most emotional experience I've ever had in a video game. The world is so realized, the characters so relatable, the story so's less like playing a game and more like being in the center of the best kind of space opera movie. Its spiritual predecessor Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its fantasy counterpart Dragon Age are very close to it in this regard.
  • Books

    • Silmarillion/Lord of the Rings - Just perfection for my life and soul

    • The Pendragon Cycle - Lawhead's works just make me want to be better

    • The Mistborn Trilogy - Sanderson fills me with questions and hope and sadness all at the same time

    • The Wheel of Time - I've read the whole series four times and when I'm soul dead I go back again

    • Harry Potter - Just...come on


    • Star Wars

    • Lord of the Rings

    • Elf


    • Parks and Rec

    • Brooklyn 99

    • The West Wing

    • Life in Pieces

    Video Games

    • ChronoTrigger

    • Dragon Age Trilogy

    • Mass Effect Trilogy

    • Fire Emblem (Especially Radiant Dawn, but any really)

    • Kingdom Hearts I and II


    • Disney Songs

  • @Alastorian I like how either you unintentionally or intentionally listed nothing else besides Disney songs in music. If you count B’Way, Live action films, TV series, and animated movies there’s enough 🎶 for every mood. I have 2 kids, but I’ve loved Disney music way before they were even born!
  • @SailorMelissa It was totally intentional! I agree, there's' more than enough music for every feel!!
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