DS9 Club - S02E08 - Necessary Evil

"They're not keeping him alive by artificial means, are they? My brother wouldn't want that." - Rom



  • Some quick thoughts to get us started:

    • A solid episode, I'd say b+ (maybe an A- though only because I'm a total sucker for flashback episodes)
    • It's good to have an Odo as constable orison story, even if its incomplete and has some holes. I'm very disapointed we never get to see the 'Cardassian neck trick' in the series
    • The noir motifs work well.
    • Because Odo is so terse, it's nice to get some introspection as well. I also like that he thinks logs are stupid
    • Odo/Kira remains one of the stronger pairings in the series
    • I thought the performance by our 'villain' was pretty good
    • The core story mystery only moderately engaging, although the resolution was vry solid, and serves to add depth to Odo and Kira as individuals as well as their relationship
    • Rom starting to come into his own a bit. In addition to being funny, we start to the get the first signals that he might 'not be as stupid as he seems' as Odo observes. Took a big step towards the Rom he will be. 
    • Quark on the other  hand, remains Quark. What he lacks in dynamism as a character he makes up in Quark awesomeness. 

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