Ready Player One - The Most Self-Indulgent Book Ever?

I forced myself to read the first couple of chapters of this book and then I let Wil Wheaton read the rest of it for me. In terms of narrative, this might be the worst book I've ever read/listened to.

What bothers me the most is that Wade never deals with obstacles/consequences and therefore never grows. What we are given are the most offensively fake "challenges" for the game and every time it follows the same formula: this is a huge challenge > Wade has been practicing this/already knows this/is naturally awesome and can handle this > this was never a huge challenge because Wade is awesome. Wade has all the answers and does everything himself. His little band of heroes are just backdrop pieces to better admire him.


The major event that bothers me is the destruction of his stack and the death of his aunt and neighbors. This happened explicitly because of Wade and his attitude/actions. Yet Wade feels ZERO remorse, experiences ZERO guilt, and faces ZERO repercussions for his failure. His response is "Bummer, my neighbor is dead" and then he moves on. He doesn't grow from it. He doesn't change and the Wade we start out with is the Wade we get at the end

Using first-person in all this makes Wade seem like an even bigger a*hole since he's retroactively discussing this event and still doesn't care that he cost people their lives because he couldn't be anything but a dick for more than two seconds. He just blows right past it as a minor inconvenience. He's had time to dwell on what all this cost and doesn't seem to care because he's Wade F*n Watts and you're all in his world now.


Even if he was a good guy and just stayed a good guy (Captain America: First Avenger) I still wouldn't like him, but that he's a dillweed who stays a dillweed (Iron Man), I like him all the less.
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