What themes are you most interested in exploring once we start Order of the Phoenix?

Are you eager to explore the role of government in the Harry Potter universe and its conflicts with other aspects of the universe?
Perhaps isolation, as multiple characters are isolated for major periods of time in various ways?
The internal conflicts between the Golden Trio, as Ron and Hermione really begin to show the burden of being tied to Harry?
Perhaps the theme of adolescent romance, focusing on its tendency to be messy?
Or perhaps power, as we are introduced to new ways in-universe that it can be attained and abused?

Maybe you have your own theme you'd love us to keep any eye on...


  • Education is one for me. For a book series that mostly takes place at a school, to this point the books have had little to say about schooling. In OotP, the role of education gets a much bigger focus. In particular we get to see:

    -Umbridge as a teacher is all her glory

    -Two different approaches to school administration

    -The first perspective on Snape actually teaching (occlumency)

    -Harry as a teacher of peers

    -The role of exams and impact on career paths

    -Hagrid (trying) to teach Grawp to not be a giant

  • I'm definitely excited to explore isolation because there's the comparison of Harry and Sirius both being isolated. Dumbledore shares a role for both of them, so I look forward to discussion that. We also meet Luna, who is also isolated, but for completely different reasons.

    Even though this also hits on many of the same points, I think unity is an interesting theme as well. We see division through isolation, the separate houses, and people not believing Voldemort is back. However, we see unity through the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army. 

    Also, I didn't really consider it before, but Joseph's points about education have really excited me. We see Harry as a teacher of peers, but before that, Harry forms Dumbledore's Army because his education is lacking with defense against the dark arts, which he knows will be vital coming up. 
  • I too would be very into discussing education as a theme, regardless of whether Rowling meant it to be one.
  • Given that I tend to get particularly vocal in the chat whenever we start turning to issues of social justice, I’d definitely like to pay particular focus to active and organized resistance to unjust government in the form of Dumbledore’s Army through the lens of grassroots activism. 
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