Star Wars Rebels & the Expanded Universe

A thread for EU topics & love. Don’t know if you all want to post Legends here too, up to you other SW fans in the group. 


  • I saw that Rebels will be starting up again Feb 19.

    Mid-Season Trailer:  

    So stoked to see Palpatine and hear Luke’s theme. Also anyone else see the Daughter and maybe that convor that could mean something with Ashoka?

  • The Han Solo tv spot just aired during the Super Bowl. It has caught my interest:
  • @SailorMelissa Thanks for posting these. I'd seen neither but look forward to both Rebels and the Han Solo solo (sorry) movie. Actually, I look forward more to Rebels, because, as per your spoiler, my favorite Star Wars character is guaranteed to be in it.
    Palpatine! Also I adore Ahsoka and hope that she will be too.
  • Any word on when Alastair's Star Wars & Story episode on TLJ will drop? I'm behind in some of his other podcasts so don't now whether he's mentioned it.
  • @GaalDornick, last week he said he only needs to record it. He talked a little about the Solo trailer in This Week’s update. @Alastair do you have any updates on when you plan to release your LJ episode?
  • I’m planning to follow the last few episodes of Rebels. Is anyone planning to watch them? Would love to chat about it!
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