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A thread for EU topics & love. Don’t know if you all want to post Legends here too, up to you other SW fans in the group. 


  • I saw that Rebels will be starting up again Feb 19.

    Mid-Season Trailer:  

    So stoked to see Palpatine and hear Luke’s theme. Also anyone else see the Daughter and maybe that convor that could mean something with Ashoka?

  • The Han Solo tv spot just aired during the Super Bowl. It has caught my interest:
  • @SailorMelissa Thanks for posting these. I'd seen neither but look forward to both Rebels and the Han Solo solo (sorry) movie. Actually, I look forward more to Rebels, because, as per your spoiler, my favorite Star Wars character is guaranteed to be in it.
    Palpatine! Also I adore Ahsoka and hope that she will be too.
  • Any word on when Alastair's Star Wars & Story episode on TLJ will drop? I'm behind in some of his other podcasts so don't now whether he's mentioned it.
  • @GaalDornick, last week he said he only needs to record it. He talked a little about the Solo trailer in This Week’s update. @Alastair do you have any updates on when you plan to release your LJ episode?
  • I’m planning to follow the last few episodes of Rebels. Is anyone planning to watch them? Would love to chat about it!
  • Star Wars good! My gut reactions to Eps 10-13 in Spoilers section below.

    Jedi Night:

    1. Kanan’s death was telegraphed (ritual cleansing, telling Ezra the force is with him, putting Ezra in charge), but I was still moved. I felt so many feels for Hera and Ezra. The artwork was stunning.
    2. Hera recovering from the mind probe was so un-Hera like. Loved seeing a different side of hera.
    3. Chopper’s reaction and holding Hera’s hand was too much. The tears!


    1. the Loth wolves were so out there. I don’t think it was clear that the wolf names Dume might be guided Kanan or at least connected to him until the world between world ep (13). Ezra needed to pushed to his next steps and out of the sorrow of being the in the fight without his master.  It did strike me that Ezra “ran” like Caleb “ran”, but Ezra needs to find what he needs to do next. 

    2. Sabine/Zeb encounter’s with Rukh. This was a strong character moment for Sabine to show restraint and for Zeb to lash out, but it seems pretty common that characters grow consciences when killing an individual versus someone on the battle field. it is war and a kids show, I know. 

    Wolves & Door

    1. The 2D painting of the mortis Gods from the clone wars was stunning. I haven’t seen the Arc only read about it and seen clips, but now I want to go back.

    2. I finally loved how Sabine’s artist instincts cracked the Jedi temple door code. Go Lady Wren.

    3. Seeing Hera lean on an imaginary Kanan when she was worried about the kids hurt my heart. Wonderful character moment.

    Between Worlds

    1. The sound design and use of clips across the SW was stunning. Also the simpe
    lines to make it seem endless was a great artistic choice. Hearing The Emperor say Ezra Bridger was fantastic. 

    2. And Ahsoka!! Was totally surprised and will be watching this episode again for her. Brilliant gown Filoni brought her back.

    3. Um, portals. Time travel? Filoni has either opened or closed this door. It is possible to have other temples that do something similar, but it doesn’t seem easy to get to. It could be used again. Or not. For now, it was beautifully handled. 

    4. We had to watch Kanan’s death again. And Ezra couldn’t do anything to stop it. That hurt.


    So what will happen to Ezra? He could
    die or somehow find another portal kind of like Bilbo...I like that. 

    I kind of want to talk about these forever. Maybe would consider key episodes for a Rebels rewatch after the series ends next week.

  • Oof, this may be an unpopular opinion but I simply didn't like Rebels very much. I watched the first season then quit part of the way through the second season. After hearing much hubub about the ending of the second season, I gave it another shot - and genuinely loved the last two episodes. Then season three began and, again, I just couldn't make it all the way through.

    I found the characters to be uninteresting, the dialog to be unbelievable, and the conflict to be manufactured/contrived. Having listened to many interviews with the show runners, I think they and I are just on different pages - and I have no problem with that. Some people feel that new additions dilute or cheapen the original experience. I look at them rather as shots on goal and, hey, if a few sail wide (to me), no problem; if they don't take any shots there won't be any more scores!
  • I find myself between @guido23 and @SailorMelissa. Though I enjoy many episodes, many more, I agree, have the feel that @guido23 describes.

    @SailorMelissa, I just watched S4E1 and found myself not especially interested in Mandalorean clan politics. Could I safely skip some episodes? You mentioned E10-13 above.
  • @guido23 & @GaalDornick I totally agree that Rebels may not be for everyone. I’m planning a rewatch and will probably work on a list of essential eps and can share that list once the season ends next week, if you all are interested? I feel like Rebels has some really good character moments and does a lot with the Jedi mythology, but it does move slower and is definitely paced for tweens. 

    Also, I did order the Kindle version of TLJ novelization and was wondering if any SW fans wanted to start a spoilery thread with reactions? The release date is next week.

  • @SailorMelissa Definitely interested in the essential ep list! Not really interested in reading the TLJ novelization, but definitely would be interested in reading your thoughts on any new insights that you gain (if you wanted to share--no worries if not).
  • @GaalDornick I’ll definitely share my Rebels ep list and thoughts on the TLJ novelization. If it weren’t for this forum, I wouldn’t have an outlit for my love of Star Wars. ❤️
  • @SailorMelissa Actually, I've decided just to watch all the episodes. I've been keeping them on in the background when cooking dinner. (I know, I have a hard life.) But, yes, please do share thoughts on the TLJ novelization!
  • Just posting this in case others want to watch Rebels, but don’t want to commit to all the episodes. Note: if you haven’t seen the pilot, do watch that first and I would watch them in production order, otherwise this is my recommended list - spoiler free:

    Season 1: 5, 10, 15
    Honorable mentions: pilot (1 & 2), 8, 11
    Season 2: 12, 15, 17, 18, 21
    Honorable mentions: pilot (1 & 2), 9, 14
    Season 3: 1, 2 , 5, 11, 15, 20
    Honorable Mentions: 3, 17, 21, 22
    Season 4: 7, 10, 12, 13, 15
    Honorable Mentions: pilot 1, 2, 6, 14

  • And if you are familiar with Rebels, but want a refresher or don’t care about the spoilers, here’s the episode key points (I mention important character developments) and possibly reasons to watch them - same list as above. Watch in prod order and include Season 1 pilot if you haven’t seen it:

    This commentary below contains Spoilers...

    1. “Rise of the Old Masters”(Season 1, Episode 5): Great tension builder between Ezra and Kanan. Ties into Clone Wars and RoS with Order 66.
    2. “Path of the Jedi” (Season 1, Episode 10): Jedi temple and training ep. 
    3. “Fire Across the Galaxy” (Season 1, Episode 15): Kanan v Grand Inquisitor
    4. “A Princess on Lothal”(Season 2, Episode 12): Princess Leia and the ghost crew. Ties into the OT.
    5. “The Call” (Season 2, Episode 15): Interesting force-use development.
    6. “The Honorable Ones” (Season 2, Episode 17): Zeb/Kallus character development
    7. “Shroud of Darkness”(Season 2, Episode 18): Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka visit the Jedi temple.
    8. “Twilight of the Apprentice” (Season 2, Episode 21): Strong world building with the introduction of the Sith temple. Also Vader, Ahsoka, & Maul are simply epic.
    9. “Steps into Shadow” (Season 3. Ep 1&2): Strong Kanan episode. Introduction of Thrawn and three Bendu with lots of force mythology).
    10. “Hera’s Heroes” (Season 3, Episode 5): Thrawn and Hera, and a battle of wits.
    11. “Visions and Voices”(Season 3, Episode 11): Maul and Ezra arc.
    12. “Trials of the Darksaber”(Season 3, Episode 15): Strong Kanan and Sabine Episode. I like the emphasis on Jedi training. Bendu returns. Mandalore mythology.
    13. “Twin Suns” (Season 3, Episode 20): You could probably skip the Ezra/Chopper section of the episode, but totally worth it for Obi-Wan and Maul. And the final should of the episode.
    14. “Kindred”(Season 4, Episode 7): The world building continues with the mythic Loth-wolves  and their ties to the force. Also Rukh from Legends in tied in. 
    15. “Jedi Night” (Season 4, Episode 10): Hera and Kanan character moments. Kanan’s death.
    16. “Wolves and a Door” (Season 4, Episode 12): This Episode should be paired with 13.  Stunning artwork and the Jedi mythology ties into the Clone Wars Mortis arc. Also good use of Sabine. 
    17. “A World Between Worlds” (Season 4, Episode 13): Ezra, Ahsoka, and some wicked cool SW connections. Palpatine is ridiculous chilling. Sabine has her moments as well. Possibly my favorite episode.
    18. “A Family Re-union & Farewell” (Season 4, ep 15): the penultimate and last episodes. If you have gotten this far, I won’t spoil it. 

    Honorable Mentions - in spoiler form:

    1. “Spark of Rebellion” (Season 1, Episode 1&2): If you haven’t seen the show, it is worth watching the initial episodes for the character introductions. But for Kanan fans, this is a good one.
    2. “Empire Day”(Season 1, Episode 8): Ezra character development ep and we learn about his parents.
    3. “Idiot’s Array”(Season 1, Episode 11): Only good to watch if you love Lando.
    4. Siege of Lothal(Season 2, Ep 1&2): Mostly Watch because of Vader. 
    5. “Stealth Strike”(Season 2, Episode 9): Strong Kanan character development. Good Rex Episode. Ties into Clone Wars.
    6. “Legends of Lestat”(Season 2, Ep 14): Zeb Episode. Also dives into the force mythology from a certain point of view.
    7. “Holocrons of Fate” (Season 3, Episode 3): Sith Holocron mythology and Maul.
    8. “Through Imperial Eyes” (Season 3, Episode 17): Kallus POV and unique in its direction.
    9. “Zero Hour Pt 1&2 (Season 3 21&22): pretty good season finale. Watch if you like the Bendu or Thrawn.
    10. Heroes of Mandalore (Season 4 1&2): Watch if you like Madalorians or Clone Wars tie-ins.
    11. “Flight of the Defender” (Season 4, Episode 6) The beginning of the Loth-Wolf Arc. Watch mostly if you want more backstory.
    12. “A Fool’s Hope” (Season 4, Episode 13): Lead up to the final episodes of the series.
  • @SailorMelissa YES! I'm about to start listening to the TLJ novelization audiobook and would love to engage in a spoilery thread!
  • @SailorMelissa I just met the loth-wolves! This is still relatively early in Season 4, though I'm sure that they will be returning. Force stuff > Mandalorian clan stuff. any day.
  • @GaalDornick I agree with you: force stuff > Mandalore. Never was that intrigued by Bobba Fett anyway
  • @SailorMelissa Aaaaaargh! DisneyXD has S4E10- locked to anyone without a cable subscription. So I'll have to wait to watch the rest of the episodes. (If only I hadn't clicked through your first spoiler.)
  • I hope in some future movie Thrawn and Ahsoka are characters. They are so interesting. That is all.
  • edited March 16
    @SailorMelissa Since Saw Garrera, and the Ghost and even (the Nerdist just informed me) Hera! make it into Rogue One, perhaps they will in some form or other. 

    Which Thrawn do you like better, legends or canon? Or do you think that they are close enough to be regarded as the same?
  • @GaalDornick not as familiar with Legends Thrawn, but I find the cerebral/strategic type of villain really interesting. Do you have a preference?
  • @SailorMelissa The Legends Thrawn has the same personality, but because Palpatine sends him out to the Unknown Regions (someone more knowledgeable about the EU help me here!) he's the sole remaining Grand Moff after the Palpatine and Vader are killed. He then finds some Force-neutralizing animals (very interesting, actually: they evolved that way because predators on their planet use the Force to hunt), a clone of a former Jedi (this way written when the only thing that we knew about the "clone wars" was Obi-Wan's reference to it in Ep4 [right? help!]), and together they nearly defeat Luke.

    So. The Legends Thrawn is a Force-neutralizing Snoke in a way. And, because Palpatine and Vader are out of the way, his sheer brilliance shines even brighter. To that extent I do like the Legends Thrawn better. They're both as impressive, but in Legends Thrawn isn't playing second fiddle.
  • @SailorMelissa (All this from Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire trilogy.)
  • @GaalDornick the old Zahn trilogy is on to read list! Thanks for the endorsement. It’s good to get recs from SW fans I know.

  • @SailorMelissa Zahn does have a couple of irritating writing tics, and the story isn't the greatest. But the characters are: not just Thrawn, who's fantastic, but others too. I just read the trilogy a couple of years ago, and it was hard for me to not to think of it as I was watching TLJ. It'll be interesting to get your take as someone who saw, and read, the TLJ first.
  • So in a few request, they will be releasing a score-only version of TLJ. So excited!
  • @GaalDornick and @SailorMelissa I strongly preferred Zahn's Legends Thrawn to the one in Rebels. That may be unfair because books are clearly a different medium than an animated series but I just found his character to be so much richer and more interesting. Seeing him in the previews is part of what motivated me to give Rebels a second chance - then seeing him in the show is part of what motivated me to give up Rebels for good. 
  • @guido23 your Thrawn sentiment made my day!
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