Through Point North, I offer smart and accessible classes on the art and craft of writing fiction and non-fiction, as well as on critical analysis and narrative theory.

If you missed a live class, then you can download the class packet after the fact, including video and audio versions of the lecture, as well as all the supporting materials.

I’ve spent the last seven years learning how stories work, and how to fix problems at the narrative level. If you purchase a Point North Story Critique, you get the benefit of my expertise, applied specifically to your book. You’ll leave the critique with a better understanding of your story, as well as a step-by-step guide to making it stronger.

If you’re road-testing an idea, and want to make sure it can sustain an entire story, sign up for a synopsis-level critique, which will help identify big-picture challenges; if you already have a manuscript you’re ready to revise, then the 25,000-word critique will give you in-depth analysis of your first act, and an overview of the rest of your novel; alternatively, the full critique will give that same critical and analytical attention to your entire manuscript. If you have other needs, then get in touch to discuss them!

Synopsis Critique

  • Submit your 1000-word synopsis, covering the plot of your entire novel
  • Get feedback on your structure, plot, motivations and conflict
  • Get feedback on how to improve your synopsis, as well as your story
  • Road-test your idea before you commit to writing it
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Full Critique

  • Submit your entire manuscript (up to 90,000 words)
  • Get feedback on your structure, plot, motivations, conflict, voice and style
  • Get additional feedback on pacing, subplots, resolutions and climax
  • Leave with a step-by-step strategy to improve your book
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