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25,000 Word Critique

Over the last decade, I’ve worked tirelessly to understand stories and figure out exactly how they work. Now, I can share that insight with you to help improve your work.

A 25K Critique is an affordable way of getting feedback about your story and your style without the time and expense associated with a full critique. By reading the first 25,000 words of your novel, as well as a full synopsis, I’ll be able to determine your strengths and challenges as a writer, as well as understanding and helping you perfect the most important part of your novel — the beginning!

What You Need:
You’ll need the first 25,000 words of your completed draft manuscript, as well as a full 1,000-word synopsis detailing the entirety of the plot.

What You’ll Get:
After the critique is complete, you’ll receive an annotated version of your synopsis with specific notes, questions, comments and ideas; you’ll also receive an email in which I’ll address more general topics, and give you a strategy for strengthening your core idea, and improving your chances of writing a strong, engaging story.

How Long Will It Take:
A 25K Critique will take between three and four weeks, depending on my schedule; if you have a specific time-frame in mind, we’ll be able to discuss your needs and make sure that you hit your deadline with time to spare!

If you have any questions, please email; alternatively, book your critique below!

25K Critique

$200 $150
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