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Full Critique

Over the last decade, I’ve worked tirelessly to understand stories and figure out exactly how they work. Now, I can share that insight with you to help improve your work.

In a Full Critique, I’ll help you take your draft manuscript and polish it to perfection, making it stronger and more engaging to the reader, as well as highlighting your strengths as a writer. We’ll discuss your structure and plot, the themes which underpin your work, your characters and subplots, and the final resolution to your story. This critique is the most in-depth and detailed means of improving your story.

What You Need:
You’ll need the a completed draft manuscript, as well as a full 1,000-word synopsis detailing the entirety of the plot.

What You’ll Get:
After the critique is complete, you’ll receive an annotated version of your synopsis with specific notes, questions, comments and ideas; you’ll also receive an email in which I’ll address more general topics, and give you a strategy for strengthening your core idea, and improving your chances of writing a strong, engaging story.

How Long Will It Take:
A full critique will take between six and eight weeks, depending on my schedule; if you have a specific time-frame in mind, we’ll be able to discuss your needs and make sure that you hit your deadline with time to spare! A full critique also includes an ongoing conversation about your novel, and you’ll be able to email me with questions and ideas as you move through the revision process.

If you have any questions, please email; alternatively, book your critique below!

Full Critique

$700 $500
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