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Synopsis Critique

Over the last decade, I’ve worked tirelessly to understand stories and figure out exactly how they work. Now, I can share that insight with you to help improve your work.

A Synopsis Critique is a great way to strengthen your core idea before you begin to write. I’ll look over your 1,000-word synopsis, look at the structure, themes, plot and characters of your story, and give you feedback on how you can make your story stronger, identifying both the strengths of your story and areas which you might find challenging, and offering both general and specific advice on how to improve things. A Synopsis Critique can save you hours of writing, and help you avoid dead-ends in your drafting process.

What You Need:
You’ll need a synopsis of between 700 and 1,000 words, detailing the entire story from beginning to end. It can be a broad-strokes version of the finished story, but the more detailed and specific it is, the more I’ll be able to give you precise feedback and advice. A Synopsis Critique is suitable for novels, short stories and screenplays.

What You’ll Get:
After the critique is complete, you’ll receive an annotated version of your synopsis with specific notes, questions, comments and ideas; you’ll also receive an email in which I’ll address more general topics, and give you a strategy for strengthening your core idea, and improving your chances of writing a strong, engaging story.

How Long Will It Take:
The turn-around for Synopsis Critiques is fairly swift, so please allow 14 days for the return of your synopsis. If you have a specific time-frame in mind, we can discuss it and make sure your needs are met!

If you have any questions, please email; alternatively, book your critique below!

Synopsis Critique

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