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Star Wars is the most important, influential and analysed pop culture phenomenon in recent years. In Story And Star Wars, we dissect the structure, appraise the intent, geek out about the world-building and dive into the philosophy of this singular series. You can find the Point North broadcast schedule here, or follow Point North on Crowdcast to be notified of the live sessions!

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Story And Star Wars 5: The Phantom Menace

We turn our attention to the prequel trilogy this week, with some thoughts on The Phantom Menace, and the ways in which it shifts our understanding of what Star Wars is.

Story And Star Wars 1: A New Hope

In our first Star Wars lecture, we discuss what Star Wars is and isn’t, and try to answer a deceptively difficult question: what is the story of A New Hope?

Story And Star Wars: Introduction

This fall, we’re journeying to a galaxy far, far away to study one of the most important pop culture phenomena in history — Star Wars!