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This week, we begin two new book discussions: in Dear Mr. Potter, we take a break from the world of wizards presented by JK Rowling to discuss Ursula K Le Guin’s seminal fantasy series A Wizard of Earthsea; then, in the Patreon-exclusive Point North Book Club, we discuss the first part of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. In There And Back Again, we discuss chapter six of book three of the Lord of the Rings, and arrive in the golden hall of King Théoden in Rohan.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EDT, UTC-5)

Tuesday, November 21st
10.00PM – 11.30PM: Dear Mr. Potter: A Wizard Of Earthsea 1

Wedensday, November 22nd
10.00PM – 11.30PM: There And Back Again 41: The Golden Hall

Friday, November 24th
10.00PM – 11.00PM: Point North Book Club: Murder On The Orient Express, Part 1