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In There And Back Again, we delve deep into the most important texts in modern fantasy, and stories which have enchanted generations. From The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, we study every detail of Professor Tolkien’s epic creation. You can find the Point North broadcast schedule here, or follow Point North on Crowdcast to be notified of the live sessions!

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There And Back Again: Update

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2024! In this short update, I’ll share some plans I have for the end of the podcast, and talk a little about a new show you might like.

There And Back Again 67: The End Of All Things

In this week’s session, we approach the final fate of the ring with a discussion of heroism, strength and fortitude in the shadow of Mount Doom in chapter three of book six of The Lord of the Rings.

There And Back Again 52: Tales Never End

In this session, we talk about the power of stories with Sam, then face the evil of Shelob with the phial of Galadriel in chapters eight and nine of book four of The Lord of the Rings.

There And Back Again 40: Wise Fool

In this session, we discuss the upcoming Amazon TV adaptation of Tolkien’s world, then conclude our discussion of book three, chapter five of The Lord Of The Rings!

There And Back Again 19: Black Riders

This week, we cover chapter three of The Fellowship of the Ring, and discuss hobbit-style urgency, leaving Bag End, encounters with Black Riders, and elves, sir! Elves!

There And Back Again 17: Shadow And Sam

This week, we cover the first half of the second chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, and discuss what Gandalf knew and when, the history of the ring, and the darkening world.