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This Week On Point North: June 18th

This week, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the movie adaptation of Goblet of Fire, and the final fate of the One Ring.

This Week On Point North: May 29th

This week, we approach the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Dear Mr. Potter; in There and Back Again, we switch our focus away from the Battle of Morannon and catch up with Frodo and Sam in chapters one and two of Book Six of The Lord of the Rings; we...

Class Announcement: Watching Our Stories

In this brand-new Point North class, we’re going to look at how television works, how it evolved, how it achieved pop cultural dominance, and where it goes from here.

Schedule Updates

As was foretold in ancient prophecy, the technical dragons have returned. Now, we slay them.

New Class: Breaking The Frame

Announcing a brand-new Point North class studying the visual art of cinematic storytelling. Registration is open now!

Announcing The Narrative Beat

The Narrative Beat is a new twice-weekly podcast about the art, craft, and business of the writer’s life.

Story And Star Wars: Livetweet Marathon

On Saturday, August 12th, we’re spending a whole day in a galaxy far, far away with the first Point North Livetweet Marathon: the entire Star Wars saga!

How To Write A Novel Synopsis

Writing a synopsis demands a very particular set of skills, and a clear understanding of your story. Here’s how to do it.